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5 Common Mistakes Tenants Make

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2022

Renting a home can be an eye opening experience. If you’re a Tenant considering renting a property, here are 5 mistakes Tenants make – that are easy to make and avoid!

  1. Not knowing what your Tenancy Agreement says.

If you listened to your parents growing up, you know never to sign anything you haven’t read. Make sure you go through the whole tenancy agreement before you sign it and clarify any areas of concern. Once you’ve signed it, it’s too late and you’re bound by the conditions in the agreement.

  1. Not getting copies of the Tenancy Agreement and Condition Inspection.

Once you’ve signed the Tenancy Agreement and done the move-in inspection with the Landlord, make sure you receive copies. The Tenancy Agreement details who is responsible for what during the tenancy, so it’s critical to have a copy of the fully signed document. The move-in condition inspection form is vital at the end of the tenancy because it shows what the unit was really like when you moved in. Make sure both you and the Landlord sign it at the time the move-in inspection is done. Without this, it’s hard for either party to prove what the property actually looked like, or what damages (if any) there were when you moved in. Avoid the hassle of potential arguments by making sure you keep a copy of these documents in a safe place.

  1. Not letting your Landlord know when there’s a problem.

Communicating with the Landlord is key. They can’t read your mind, so if something needs fixing, give them a call. Most Landlords are quick to take care of any maintenance issues before they lead to bigger, more costly repairs. Or if for some reason, you’re going to be late paying the rent, let them know. Often they rely on the rent to cover their mortgage payment on the property, so it can affect them if you miss paying the rent when it’s due. If they know ahead of time, they can plan for it.

  1. Not asking question before you move in.

Who’s responsible for utilities? Who’ll do the maintenance work? What other rules are there (especially for condos or apartments)? Who should you call for maintenance problems? What methods of payment does the Landlord accept for rent? (Did you know most Landlords won’t let you pay rent with a credit card or cash?) Get the answers to these types of questions before you sign the Tenancy Agreement.

  • Doing repairs or renovations without the Landlord’s approval.

If you do this, be prepared to absorb the cost because unless the Landlord approves the expense beforehand and agrees to reimburse you, you might not get the money back. And remember, anything you do without the Landlord’s consent may have to be removed or restored back to its original condition when you leave – at your own expense.


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We make sure you know the terms of your tenancy before you move in. We prepare and review the documentation with you so you know what you’re getting into and aren’t caught with mistakes Tenants make.

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